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Treating Worker’s Compensation Injuries

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Worker’s Compensation Injuries

Workers Comp Injuries – SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy have over 65 combined years of experience treating Worker’s Compensation Injuries. Whether you are a fireman, police officer, welder, data entry, checker, flight attendant or iron worker, we will work very hard to get back to work when you are ready.

More importantly, we will help you return to the activities and hobbies you love!

If you are injured at work, immediately seek medical attention and file an 801 form. If your primary care provider or specialist wants you to have either physical or hand therapy, please ask for SportsCare Physical Therapy or Armworks Hand Therapy.

Workers Compensation Physical Therapy

Here are some of the common Industrial Injuries we treat:

  • Neck and mid-back sprains, strains, disc herniation or surgery
  • Low back sprains, strains, disc herniation or surgery
  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist injuries
  • Hip, knee, ankle and foot injuries or surgery
  • Tendon ruptures, lacerations and repair
  • Crush or contusion injuries
  • Fractures
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, knee and ankle
  • Chronic Pain

SportsCare and Armworks have convenient locations near you. Call us schedule an appointment or Request an Appointment Online today.

As an injured Workers Comp Injuries in Oregon, you can see any Physical Therapist or Hand Therapist you would like. However, there is one important restriction… If your employer is enrolled in a Managed Care Organization (MCO), you will be required to see a Physical Therapist or Hand Therapist within that MCO.


If your employer is not enrolled in a MCO, you are free to see any Physical or Hand Therapist you choose.

SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy are two of the few Therapy clinics that are on panel with most all of the Worker’s Compensation insurers in the greater Portland area, including:

  • AIG
  • City of Portland Risk Management
  • Corvel
  • Gallagher Bassett
  • Hartford
  • Kaiser
  • Liberty NW and Liberty Mutual
  • Majoris
  • OHS
  • Providence
  • Safeco
  • SAIF
  • Sedgwick
  • Travelers
  • US Department of Labor
  • Washington Department of Labor & Industries

We often see injured workers from these companies…and many more. If you do not see your employer listed, please contact our nearest office to see if we can treat you!

  • Armed services
  • Boeing
  • City and State Police
  • City of Portland Water
  • Federal Express, Fed Ex.
  • Manufacturing
  • Nurseries…shrub and tree
  • ODOT
  • Precision Cast Parts
  • Sheet metal and tubing
  • United Parcel Service, UPS
  • US Postal service
  • Your local Fire Department

Your safety, health and recovery are our primary concern. Like thousands of injured workers, trust SportsCare Physical Therapy and Armworks Hand Therapy with your care!

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